IETL Documentation - interface/ublas.h

IETL library: interface/ublas.h

This header implements the functions required for the IETL for uBLAS vectors and matrices


namespace ietl {

template <class T, class Gen>
void generate(boost::numeric::ublas::vector<T>& c, Gen& gen);

template <class T, class S>
T dot(const boost::numeric::ublas::vector<T,S>& x, const boost::numeric::ublas::vector<T,S>& y);

template < class T>
typename number_traits<T>::magnitude_type two_norm(boost::numeric::ublas::vector<T>& x);

template < class T>
void copy(const boost::numeric::ublas::vector<T>& x,boost::numeric::ublas::vector<T>& y);

template <class M, class T>
inline void mult(M& m, const boost::numeric::ublas::vector<T>& x, boost::numeric::ublas::vector<T>& y);


copyright 2002-2004 by Matthias Troyer and Prakash Dayal