The Iterative Eigensolver Template Library

IETL Installation

We provide a configure script with the distribution which evaluates the system dependent variable and creates Makefiles.

After unpacking the ietl-version.tar.gz,

tar -zxvf ietl-version.tar.gz



in the top directory of IETL source tree. The configure script accepts several essential command-line options. See Basic Configure Options before executing the ./configure command. By default the configuration scripts finds all the required libraries in all default locations of the system. The configuration options can also be seen on command-line by

./configure --help

After successful run of configure script (See the summary displayed after the run of configure script, whether it has found all required libraries or not), type

make install

to build and install all the header files and libraries. To compile example files, type

make example

Basic Configure Options

-h, --help Shows all configuration options.
--prefix=PREFIX Installation directories. By default it is [$HOME/ietl]. By default the 'make install' installs all the files in '$HOME/ietl/bin', '$HOME/ietl/lib' etc. Using '--prefix' one can replace the default directory '$HOME/ietl', e.g.: '--prefix==$HOME'.
--with-compiler=MODE sets compiler mode (MODE = gnu, gnu-3.3, kai, intel, intel64, como, hp32, hp64, dec, sgi32, sgi64, cray, ibm, macos, macos-3.3, generic)
--with-blitz=DIR path to the Blitz main tree.
--with-boost=DIR path to the boost main tree.
--with-bindings=DIR path to the uBlas bindings main tree.
--with-atlas=LIBS ATLAS library.
--with-blas=LIBS BLAS library.
--with-lapack=LIBS LAPACK library.
--with-atlas-dir=DIR ATLAS lib directory.
--with-blas-dir=DIR BLAS lib directory.
--with-lapack-dir=DIR LAPACK lib directory.

Note: each --with option has the corresponding --without option.


copyright 2002-2004 by Matthias Troyer and Prakash Dayal