IETL Documentation - interface/blitz.h

IETL library: interface/blitz.h

This header implements the functions required for the IETL for Blitz++ arrays. Note that the mult function for applying a liner operator (e.g. a Blitz++ stencil) still needs to be coded by the user. See, e.g. the Schrödinger equation examples.


namespace ietl {

template <class C, class Gen>
void generate(Cont& c, Gen& gen);

template <class T, int D>
T dot(const blitz::Array<T,D>& x, const blitz::Array<T,D>& y);

template <class T, int D>
T dot(const blitz::Array<std::complex<T>,D>& x, const blitz::Array<std::complex<T>,D>& y);

template <class T, int D>
typename number_traits<T>::magnitude_type two_norm(const blitz::Array<T,D>& v);

template <class T, int D>
void copy(const blitz::Array<T,D>& x, blitz::Array<T,D>& y);


copyright 2002-2004 by Matthias Troyer and Prakash Dayal