Computational physics afternoon

April 5, 2007 at 1pm in HPZ E9

Each talk is supposed to take 10 minutes (including questions). Schedule:

TimeSpeakerTitle (abstract)
Session 1, chair: Matthias Troyer
13:00Philippe CorbozGaussian Quantum Monte Carlo Method for fermions with symmetry projection
13:10Munehisa MatsumotoSimulations of quantum phase transitions
13:20Lode PolletThermodynamic instability of a vacancy gas in solid Helium-4
13:30Dirk KadauQuicksand: experiments and simulation
13:40Diethelm WürtzBeyond Markowitz - Modern Portfolio Optimization based on Conditional Value-at-Risk and Copulas


Session 2, chair: Diethelm Würtz
14:10Emanuel GullContinuous Time Solvers for DMFT
14:20Fabricio AlbuquerqueFault-tolerant quantum computation by emulation of topological phases?
14:30Christian MayRealistic potentials in III/V semiconductor heterostructures
14:40Charlotte GilsQuantum Monte Carlo study of a 1D phase-fluctuating condensate


Session 3, chair: Hans Herrmann
15:10Norbert StoopModeling and analysis of crumpled wires in 2D
15:20Falk WittelDEM for brittle fracture of heterogeneous media
15:30Hansjörg SeyboldNumerical simulation of river delta formation
15:40Bela BauerOptimized Ensembles Simulations of the Potts Model


Session 4, chair: Helmut Katzgraber
16:10Reza BaramBearings as models for steady flows
16:20Atsushi KamimuraParticle simulation of reaction-diffusion systems
16:30Humberto CarmonaFragmentation of disordered materials
16:40Brigitte SurerThe Coulomb Glass